Great question – and one we hear a lot these days. We just returned from the Institute of Business Forecasting Leadership forum this week, and it was certainly a main topic of discussion within the talent track as well. Here are a few ideas that leaders suggested on attracting talent (particularly Millennials), as well as a few of our own suggestions:

  • Breathe some fresh life into your job descriptions if they’ve gotten stale or are too general – Use action words and make sure it’s clear how the role impacts the larger business and interfaces with other departments. It’s also a good idea to talk about career track, even this early on.
  • Speaking of Career Track: Talk about it from the first phone interview and throughout the process. Millennials in particular will want to know how fast they can move (think 12-24 months) into a different role. If there is a chance for candidates to move cross-functionally, even better.
  • Make sure you are talking about the team’s successes and how people are recognized within the organization.
  • Does your culture allow mistakes? Is conflict discussion welcomed? If so, talk about it. Change is hard, so make sure your candidates know they can falter, learn, and move on.
  • Leadership offerings? Many candidates are looking for that first people-management role. If it is an individual contributor role, make sure you sell the influencing skills and opportunities to build those influencing muscles needed for any corporate role
  • Think outside of Print—JDs are a necessity, but if you can have your team do a video about how great your organization is and how they have had a chance to grow or design an informative infographic about the role, it will certainly appeal to the new working generations.
  • Visibility—Talk it up. Make sure potential candidates know about any and all visibility they will have to senior leadership, as well as to the organization as a whole.
  • Impact—This is usually the number one reason people are interested in an opportunity, so your potential candidates need to know they will be more than a cog in the wheel. Make sure your interview team is in alignment and sends the right message.

If you or your team have some other creative ideas on this topic, let us know at

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